What’s MFA Guitar Camp?

It’s one of the biggest guitar camps! It is open to all guitarists and musicians of any age and level. Participants come from all over Europe.

How will it develop?

It starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 10:30 PM, alternating masterclasses, performances and jam sessions with the prestigious musicians who will be the teachers for this first edition of the Camp. By clicking on “Schedule” you can see which activities will be carried out.

What topics will the teachers deal with?

Each teacher will talk about various topics concerning harmony, theory, improvisation, arrangement, amplifiers and effects. Moreover, it will be possible to play with them during the lessons and Jam Sessions.

Should I bring my guitar?

Would you like to play with these teachers or be called on stage with them during their lessons and Jam Sessions? Then…YES!

What are the offers?

We have designed four different options:

4 days of Camp
4 days of Camp + Lunch and Dinner
4 days of Camp + Hotel + Breakfast
4 days of Camp + Hotel + Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

How much is it?

By clicking on “Contact us” you can ask us about costs and payment methods.

“I am delighted to host these fantastic professionals in what will be one of the biggest events I have ever organized. These musicians are absolute top-notch and unparalleled.
Over the last 10 years,  I’ve been lucky enough to host the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Robben Ford, Paul Gilbert, Marco Sfogli and many others. Together with Mr. Fabio Pansini, I am the director of the Music Factory Academy in Cesano Maderno, school that for the last 10 years we have managed with great commitment and passion with the help of  wonderful colleagues.
I also organized the first Italian Tour for Andy McKee and I continue to work as TM for the immense Jon Gomm (phenomenal acoustic guitarist). I hope that this event can be of great help to all the musicians who, like me, continue to seek new stimuli to grow professionally.
I would not be where I am without my CREW…I cannot wait for you to meet them!
Stay Tuned…Be Strong!!!”

D. Leoni – Artistic Director MFA Guitar Camp 2020